Chocolate Wonders is a dream of mine that has now come true. I wanted to create something special, something outside the traditional chocolate box. Handmade high quality chocolates, just the way I like them.

I continually search for the best ingredients and I work on creating the perfect glistening coating for my chocolates. They deserve to be wrapped in luxury.

What I find so fascinating about chocolate is the opportunity to combine so many different flavors. My work as a Chef sparked my curiosity to try out different and unique taste combinations. It also gave me years of experience in relation to assessing and selecting ingredients of only the highest quality.

At Chocolate Wonders I love to mix chocolate with ingredients such as vegetables and grains. This may seem non-traditional in the Western Kitchen, but in South America the chocolate has always been used in traditional main dishes. This inspired me to combine chocolate with a selection of our tasty Nordic vegetables and herbs.

Chocolate Wonders also offers the classical chocolate combinations with caramel, marzipan and nuts.


Sincerely yours