Why combine vegetables & chocolate?

When the new Nordic kitchen concept emerged, it greatly increased focus on our vegetables, herbs and grains in Scandinavia. I felt inspired and began to experiment because we have some fantastic produce here in Denmark.

These seasonal foods are excellent both in quality and flavour. I realized that a carrot is not 'just a carrot'. Its flavour develops differently depending on how you prepare it, where it was grown, when it is grown, and last but not least how it was grown.
Another example of what I also like to combine with chocolate, are our Danish peas. They taste so sweet and crispy, reminding us of summer time.

There is just one thing missing and that is the combination of these little 'green gems' together with a sublime chocolate. The result is 'a taste of heaven'.

Full of curiosity I began experimenting with various ingredients. I mixed carefully selected high-quality Danish produce together with chocolate. I was addicted, not only to chocolate, but to also discovering new delicate taste combinations to 'awaken' our taste buds to new flavour sensations.

In 2014, after years of experimenting I received an award for my small creations. Now I am ready to share my 'little piece of chocolate heaven' with you. A selection of the very best Chocolate Wonders.